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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Don't go easy on me now she said
Just think it over instead
Our time is now, now, now
So go crazy on me now she said
Just think it over instead
Thats all she said.


I got a new cell phone today which pretty much makes my life. It's an LG Kebo thing with a weird little key bored inside it and it's definitely an upgrade from all of the flip phones I've had.

My group of friends that I usually hang out with are all going home this weekend so it will be interesting to see what kind of mischief I will get myself into all by my lonesome in rez. Anyone up to party up in hurr?

So close to being done all my homework and in a super good mood.

Fuck haters, I'm gonna get positive ;D

Monday, March 30, 2009

These crackers are my life now, oh and homework too. Bye social life!

I don't care what nobody says, I'mma be me

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Last night was randomly an amazing night :)

The hill party ruled, got some free booze, smoked some cigars, met people from rez that I never knew existed and played broken telephone.

When we got back from the hill party some kid said that we could share his tequila if I gave him limes, which I had conveniently in my fridge from 3 weeks ago. Did 3 huge shots of tequila then watched Surfs Up with Paul until I fell asleep.

I have so much homework to do it's ridiculous.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

"Oh heyy Helga how was the party last night? Heard someone said you complained a
lot, LOL"

Like that doesn't make me feel like a bag of shit. Good to know I make good first impressions. I just want to be alone and sleep.

Last night I met Katie at union station and headed for the Eaton center, barely made it to the LCBO before it closed where I used Katie's fake ID to buy her alcohol and it worked!

Our adventures at Haily's included:
-chips and dill dip, why does the dip always run out before the chips?
-sitting on the floor when everyone else had chairs
-kitchen party feat. Katie, Armand and I
-balcony party which was less favored than kitchen party
-drinking wine with straws
-the rope ring that I now have as a bracelet
-conversations on the kitchen floor
-retarded people from Barrie showing up
-one of them spraying bear mase in the house and everyone dying
-watching zoolander
-waking up to Paul making weird noises in his sleep
-spicykitten_ (L)
-kitty moshing

decent/sketchy night but I'm happy I got to see Katie!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Well this is new, Helga sober on a Thursday night? Never thought I'd see the day.
Me and my friends baked some cookies and a cake and gave almost all of it away then contemplated egging things with the extra eggs we had but couldn't figure out what to egg. Threw some water up at a window of someone we knew while we were outside and laughed hysterically watching how long it took for them to notice.

Random conversations on s2 when the reason I went there was to hang out with someone, which never happened because they spend most of their night's doing drugs with their friends.

Either I'm really bad at dropping hints or you are really bad at taking them, CLEARLY.

Tomorrow hanging out with Katie and going to Haily's party. Stokked to meet new people and drink a dirty bottle of homemade wine.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I need photoshop to download NOW! Stop not downloading!!! :'( I need my 4x5s printed asap. I was going to ask someone with a mac for help but I guess I'm just too fucking proud to admit that I need help to people.


I found batteries for my shitty 2 mega pixel camera so in case you missed meeeee, which you didn't:

chubeeey legz

i wear stupid vests

and headbands hokayy bye ;)

nighttime photography

Tonight I went up to the hill behind residence with Paul to take some pictures for my assignment instead of going downtown.

I still can't figure out how to scan my 4x5 negatives properly. I wish someone would help me. :(

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

So I'm on the waiting list for residence and the lady I talked to said it's most likely that I'm going to get a room!

I'm going to ace my ethics quiz today too :)

After class I'm headed to scan my 4x5 negatives then go downtown to shoot my nighttime assignment for photography.

Monday, March 23, 2009


So my cell phone screen got water in it because I left it in my bathroom because I had no use for it because my cell phone charger was in Toronto because I left it there. BECAUUUUSEEEEEEE. FUCK.

The screen died and I smashed my phone on the ground so now the screen is cracked. Pretty much I'm stranded in Toronto with no way to text anyone and I don't know anyone's phone number by heart except my mom's. I'm going to go to the Telus store after class and see if they can fix my phone screen because no way in hell am I in any mood to get all of the phone numbers that were on my phone back.

Why doesn't anyone every say what they really feel??? REALLY!

Uhhhh, 2 weeks till my beeday!

School tomorrow, new week, new drama.

Party this weekend? I think so :)

Buying these as soon as I get a few extra dollars.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

My mom was supposed to call me and wake me up for work because my cell phone is dead and my charger is in Toronto.

She didn't , my guinea pig squeaking did.

I'm a half an hour late for work now waiting for a taxi. FML.


I'm going to go read some stuff on grouphug now.
Yayy life, not.

I tried to watch all of Gangs of New York today, I was unsucessful. It's so long and violent I just can't take it plus I worked 10 hours today. The only reason I'm up right now is because I thought Matt was coming to visit but apparently other friends who don't act like frinds are more important to him.


Another shift at Mcdonalds tommorow morning and I'm exited, I can't tell you why.


Friday, March 20, 2009

Is it wrong that this website makes me hungry?
Yeah, probably.

hi my name is helga

and I'm a terrible friend.

Hope you forgive me one day.


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I just received a 75 percent on a light meter assignment in photography from my teacher who thinks it's critical to use a light meter for everything.
Guess what? I didn't use a fucking light meter when I did the assignment. Sooo go suck a bag of dicks teacher and everyone else in that class with their fucking light meters.


St. Paddy's day captured

"why did we leave the last party?"
"because they were cooking fish and it was weird."

I feel so bad that I ignored a boy who is actually really sweet to me all night. I'm such a bitch.
As if i thought I liked a boy who lives on my floor who is such a douche bag!!
Wow, I'm just full of good choices this St. Patricks day!
My wisdom teeth are coming in on the right side of my mouth and I really can't stand the pain. I'm going crazy! I want to rip my gums out right now :'(

Can't wait to come home and work all weekend, literally :)

Monday, March 16, 2009

You're sooo sketchy.
Why do I even like you?

Just my luck! I didn't get accepted for a room in residence next year because my marks were shitty last semester. I'm going to try to appeal it and if all else fails I will use some tears to convince the residence life people that I deserve to be wait listed for a room.

If that fails I really don't know what I'm going to do next semester. Basically I'm royally fucked but I guess in a way I deserve it for not getting good marks in school.

Please, please, please put me on the waiting list or next year is going to be shiiiiiiiiit

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Last night Kristyn, Mark, Sean, Tristan, Joey, others and I attempted to become part of the century club in my lounge and I actually did it! I totally beat my last record of 12 shots of beer but not without throwing up 2 times during my journey to 100 shots.

Only Sean, Kristyn, Mark and I actually made it 100 beer shots and after we were done and drunk as fuck we headed to s2 to party. Remind me not to ever dance in any lounge unless a significant amount of people are also dancing so I don't look like a drunken fool.

To end the night I ate the most delicious pizza ever then some soup, both courtesy of Paul then tried to watch the Mask and then Family Guy until I passed out.

Legit, this weekend was sooo good :D I've been waiting for a weekend like this all year.

the journey to 100
neighbors ♥
loveeee these girls!
epic win

Yayyyy i totally made century club.

I'm prob going to want to say fml tomorrow.

I'm such a waste case and I'm saying fml now because I have a huuuge headache.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Yesterday was so hectic! I had to go to the distillery for photography class and spent most of the afternoon there taking pictures. When I got back to residence I napped then went to go buy wine at 8 pm when semi formal started at 9. Rushed to get ready and chug my bottle of wine in 1 hour. All of my friends went early to semi so I stayed behind on residence to pre-drink for a bit longer then walked to caps with Mark while we finished off my bottle of wine. Was really happy because the person I wanted to come actually came to semi :)
What a good night!

pre drinks!
luv life?
dancing with amanda

Friday, March 13, 2009

This is war.
Every line is about
Who I don't wanna write about anymore.
Hope you come down with something they can't diagnose
Don't have the cure for.
Holding onto your grudge.
Oh it's so hard to have someone to love.
And keeping quiet is hard.
Cause you can't keep a secret if it never was a secret to start.
At least pretend you didn't wanna get caught.

Yay, now almost all of my friends have a date for semi but me.
Hopefully the person I want to come actually comes.
But in general I think it will be a night of epic-ness.


Thursday, March 12, 2009

I read the entry I posted last night, the texts I sent and the pictures I took and LOLed really hard.

Film class soon, dinner , workouts, shower, party feat. tequila and Kristyn.


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I'm not losing my virginity tonight, I swear.

Love Helga.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Greaaaaaaat!My one class I have today is canceled and I was surprisingly looking forward to going to it. Now I have absolutely nothing to do today and my stupid photography teacher e-mailed me that my assignment was to be put on one page using photoshop.
Fuck you, I don't have photoshop.

It feels like I'm the only person in that class that's struggling and no one will help me.

My photog teacher came up to me during last weeks class and told me I'm failing everything but when I asked what I was actually failing he said only 2 assignments, one of which I've handed in by now. He said "you're not a bad person but you need to try harder in your work." Well I hope to god you're not actually going to tell me I'm a bad person to my face.

Suck a dick Johan, really!

This week:

Thursday: House party with the girls on Bankveiw that is being filmed for someone film project.
Friday: Riding the subway alone to the distillery for my photography class trip because I have no friends :(. Semi formal, obviously dateless but no complaining here ;)
Saturday: Heard there was a St. Patrick's day party somewhere so immuna hit that up.

Thursday come faster plz.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Legit, I'm so offended. Oh TRUEEEEEEEEE

My weekend:

Friday: decided it would be a good night for some tequila, did a whole bunch of dirty tequila shots with Pat, Kritstyn and Amanda then Pat threw his phone on the ground several times and broke it after punching me in the eye and strangling me. Danced in Kristyn's room before we headed to a house party which got busted a couple minutes after our arrival. Had to hop a fence and needed 2 people to assist me then headed to another house to party. Hung out there for a few minutes then walked back to residence and almost got hit by a bus. Yay life. Partied on s2 and ordered pizza then hung out in some random on r3's room and got upset for no real reason. Got really frustrated with people who made me upset and cried in Paul's room.

Saturday: Pat re-arranged my room then we picked out a bar to go to for that night. Headed to walmart to buy some essentials and it caught on fire so we had to leave. Found another walmart that didn't set on fire and visited about 4 different tellus stores so Pat could get a new phone. Amanda's friends Ryan and Jesse came to visit and we ended up hanging out with them for the night. Changed our bar plans at the last minute and took some buses and subways to get to king street. Pat introduced himself to a bunch of randoms on the subway which pretty much mad my life. Got to the club we were supposed to go to and I ended up paying more cover then anyone to get in. Pat yelled out my real name when I was trying to use my fake ID to get in so thank god it still worked. The club was full of old people so we were all pissed off and no one but Pat had any money to get back home on the subway. Tried to dance but ended up looking like fools then left. Me and Pat screamed at each other at the top of our lungs for the whole walk back to the subway then didn't talk the whole ride back. Ended up at Kipling station after the last bus we needed left so we waved down a taxi after 30 minutes of waiting for the bus. Squished 4 people in the backseat of a cab and made fun of people on stickam back in Amanda's room for the rest of the night.

Sunday: Literally stayed in my room all day watching tv on the internet and skipped a family birthday party I was supposed to go to. Why do I rule so much at life?

Saturday, March 7, 2009

my horiscope today

"Oh, man - someone likes you more than you like them, and you're really not feeling it anymore."

omg how did you know??

Friday, March 6, 2009

I legit don't want to go to caps ever again. I've never been hit on by more creepy guys in a span of 2 hours in my life. There was a couple of them that even stalked Kristyn I around the bar so we had to tell them that we were lesbians even though that didn't really work.

When we got back we tried to explore sB like we always plan to when we are drunk but we ended up in the laundry room part of it. Then I tried to watch the Simpson's movie in Paul's room but ended up falling asleep with my body half way off the bed which is probably the most comfortable way to sleep obviously.

Pat is coming to visit today so there better be some fun shit going down on residence tonight.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

I should not have drank last night because now I'm hung over and I have a film review due today that I'm not done. Anyways Kristyn, Kaitlyn, Chantel and I (proper sentence structure just for you Pat) went to caps on a Wednesday night where we drank three pitchers of beer then got hit on by 30 year olds so we left and I tried to sneak a cup of beer out in my new purse which didn't really go over well. We then went to the caf where I ate a whole bag of clod hoppers because I'm a little pig. Kristyn and I decided that we weren't drunk enough so we went back to her room to drink more and ended up in Sean's room playing video games and drinking whiskey.

The person I was supposed to hang out with bailed on me so Sean, a whole bunch of other people and I stayed up until 5 and ate alphagettis.

Tonight I'm drinking and tomorrow and the next day ftw.
Happy birthday Pat! LUVIN YEW.

My frowny hurts.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I woke up early today to go see a court case with Chantel in downtown Toronto. On the way there we had 2 coffees each, I got my hands caught in the door of the bus then lost my balance more then once during the ride resulting in me bumping into short, Indian people and tripped over a curb. I would. After we watched an extremely boring murder trial we witnessed some guy get arrested right in front of us which was awkward.

My unneeded purchases of the day:

The belt.

And a purse that I actually did need. Oh and I got my frowny pierced and it is the most painful, awkward piercings I've gotten so far. It hurts to eat and to laugh which sucks because those are two of my favorite things. Hopefully my body will get used to it soon.

happy birfday

It is 38 days until my 19th birthday.

Or 1 month, 7 days

* 3,283,200 seconds till 19
* 54,720 minutes till legal drinking age
* 912 hours till good friday
* 5 weeks till i can play slots

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

But now there's nothing left to do but waste my time.
I never knew where to move on,
I never knew what to rely upon.
But now there's nothing left to say to change your mind.
And if you're unhappy still, I will be hanging on your line.

I just worked out for 40 minutes on the stupid bicycle thing because all of the ellipticals were taken by some hardcore looking gym goers.

I feel so good :)

I'm currently trying to do homework with no shirt on (+ a bra, don't get too excited) because I'm hot. Anyone want to come visit? Jkjkjklololol.

Monday, March 2, 2009

This week is going to be amazing and I'm buying two 26ers of vanilla vodka to celebrate it's amazing-ness.

Wednesday: going downtown with Chantel then taking pictures with the ever so incredible 4x5 camera in photography class.
Thursday: caps night, nuf said.
Friday: Pat and Katie are visiting for Pat's birthday. Drinking nugtinnis, drunk bubble bathing with Katie, partying it up at residence with Amanda and Kristyn all night looong.
Saturday: Staying drunk all day (or attempting to) then going downtown to go to a bar to celebrate Pat finally turning 19.

Nothing can go wrong this week :)

I think something is wrong with me seeing as I slept 17 hours today and went to bed at 8 pm last night.
My body is so sore from dodge ball because I'm completely out of shape. How I became my teams star player I'll never know....
I want waffles and to be back at residence but I don't think either of those things are happening.