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Sunday, August 31, 2008


I was looking at post secrets today and saw this:

then I LOLED when I saw the secret under it.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

its true

i'm probably the most selfish person ever and i don't care

school starts soon and i don't want to go. i don't care about meeting new people, i don't want any of my relationships right now to change because of university.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

trying to make a change

I'm so sick of my family and sick of the way they control my life. I want to move out really badly. Last time I checked I was 18 so I wish my mom would treat me like I am.

I'm just not telling her where I'm going anymore and taking the bus to work instead of asking her for a drive. Fuck her, I don't need her.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

This is stupid, we need to be able to communicate better.
I don't like feeling this way at all.
I can't even put the way I feel into words either.

day off?

Some day off this was. I tanned, ate, watched degrassi, ate...oh god I need something to dooooo.
I would be doing something if I didn't have to babysit my gay little brother. I wish Matt didn't assume that I can always go out and come overrrrrr :(

At least tomorrow will be decent (and expensive)

I'm going down to Toronto for my university orientation with Chantelle then wonderland with Matt and friends then to the roxx. I don't know if I really like the idea of going to the roxx though because there are always 13 and 14 year olds that go and I'd just feel like a pedophile dancing around them...

Sunday, August 24, 2008


I'm fucking sick of this university thing. I don't even want to go any more. I'm missing the orientation because they always send out e mails instead of fucking letters to regester for things. FUCK. And I'm not even regestered for the right courses.
I swear I'm so close to just pulling out and taking 6 months off.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

i miss you too

Friday, August 22, 2008


I feel like we are drifting apart :(
I've already lost too many friends this year, I don't want to lose you too.

On a lighter note Matt is coming over to stay the night tonight and tomorrow I'm going to the beach with Katie then to Trevor's going away party.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

i got tanned

at least i think so.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

a survey blog

because i can
2 - Name: Helga
3 - Gender: female
4 - Age: 18
5 - Screen Name: helga
6 - Birthday: april 10
7 - Race: human?
8 - School/Grade: guelph 1st year
9 - Job: american eagle/mcdonalds
10 - Status: oh heyyy
11 - Hometown: mississauga
12 - Current Town: barrie
13 - Parents Still Together: no
14 - Siblings: 3
15 - Pets: yes
16 - Smoker: sometimes
17 - Drinker: yes
18 - Virgin: yes
19 - Orientation: straight
20 - Drugs: meh
22 - Hair Color: blond
23 - Is it Dyed? no
24 - Eye color: blue
25 - Height: 5'4
26 - Style: watevaaa
27 - Glasses/Contacts/None? contacts
28 - Freckles: on my nose
29 - Body Type: regular
30 - Shoe Size: 7 and a half
31 - Piercings: ears
32 - Want More? yes
33 - Tattoos? no
34 - Want More? no
35 - Braces? no
36 - Overall Best Feature? eyes
37 - Overall Worst Feature? my teeth
38 - Do you get most of your traits from mom or dad? neither
40 - Favorite Color: pink
41 - Worst Color: yellow
42 - Favorite Number: 10
43 - Favorite Animal: pig
44 - Least Favorite Animal: seagull
45 - Favorite Flower: rose
46 - Favorite Food: sushi/chicken wings
47 - Worst Food: green peppers/liver
48 - Favorite Junk Food: mr.noodles
49 - Worst Junk Food: pretzels
50 - Favorite Restaurant: wild wings
51 - Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: peanut butter and chocolate
52 - Favorite Candy: warheads/laffy taffy
53 - Favorite Alcoholic Drink: sour puss/whisky
54 - Favorite NON Alcoholic Drink: water
55 - Worst Alcoholic Drink: beeer
56 - Worst NON Alcoholic Drink: fruit punch
57 - Favorite Genre of Music: watevaaaa
58 - Worst Genre: classical
59 - Favorite Band/Artist: brand new
60 - Worst Band/Artist: rihannaa or however you spell her name
61 - Favorite Song: i have lots
62 - Worst Song: i don't know
63 - Favorite Radio Station: z103.5
64 - Favorite Book: don't have one
65 - Worst Book: don't have one
66 - Favorite Type of Movie: horror
67 - Worst Type of Movie: western
68 - Favorite Movie: donnie darko
69 - Worst Movie Ever: the one i watched for my film exam
70 - Favorite TV Show: degrassi
71 - Worst TV Show: futurama
72 - Favorite Season of the Year: summuh
73 - Worst Season: winter
74 - Best Friend: katie/pat
75 - Worst Enemy: haha
76 - Favorite Day of the Week: friday
77 - Least Favorite Day of the Week: tues
78 - Favorite Sport: don't have one
79 - Sport You Hat:e all of them
80 - One thing you cant get enough of: happiness
81 - One thing you hate more than anything: being woken up really early in the morning
83 - Are You Single? no
84 - If not, who is your bf/gf? matt :)
85 - How Long Have You Been Together? 2 weeks
86 - If You're Single, Do you Like It?
87 - Do You Have a Crush On Anyone Right Now? matt
88 - First Kiss: ew
89 - Ever Kiss in the Rain? no
90 - In a Movie Theater? yes
91 - Underwater? prob.
92 - First Love: ew
93 - Have you ever Cheated on Anyone? yes
94 - Been Cheated on? yes
95 - Used Someone? no
96 - Been used? no
97 - Lied to your bf/gf? yes
98 - Ever Made out With Just a Friend? no
99 - Ever Had Sex With Just a Friend? no
100 - Are You a Tease? yes
101 - Do you Flirt a Lot? yes
102 - Longest Relationship 5 months
103 - Shortest: idk
104 - Have you Ever Gotten a Poem? yes
105 - Ever Get Flowers? yes
106 - Sweetest Thing You've Ever Gotten? my ds
107 - Do you Like Valentine's Day or Sweetest Day? wtf is sweetest day?
108 - Do you Believe in Love at First Sight? yes
109 - Do you Believe in: in what?
110 - Do you Fall in Love Fast? yes
111 - Are you a Player? hell yeah
112 - Would you ever Hook Up With Someone of the Same sex? prob not
113 - Have You ever Kissed 2 People in One Day? ummmmmmmm no
114 - Kissed 2 People At One Time? no
115 - Had Sex with 2 People in One day? no
116 - Had sex with 2+ People at One Time? no
117 - Ever cried over someone of the opposite sex? yes
118 - Ever Been Dumped? yes
119 - Ever dumped someone? yes
120 - Ever been rejected? yes
121 - Do you have a lot of ex's? no
122 - Are you a slut? def.
123 - Ever been called one? no
124 - Ever dated someone more than once? yes
125 - Do you ever make the first move? sometimes if im drunk
126 - Double dates or single? single
127 - Do you want to get married? yes
128 - OPPOSITE SEX (what you're attracted to)
129 - Hair Color: watevvvaaa
130 - Short or long? longish
131 - Style: watevaaa
132 - Age: 18
133 - Height: tall
134 - Weight: skinny
135 - Muscular Or Skinny: skinny
136 - Boxers or Briefs: boxers
137 - Do you care about looks? yes
138 - Other
139 - Can you drive? no
140 - Do You Have a Car? no
141 - Do you have a cell phone? yes
142 - Are you online a lot? yes
143 - Do you like gay/bi people? as friends...
144 - Can you speak another language? no
145 - Do you do well in school? sometimes
146 - Do you collect anything? no
147 - Have an obsession? i don't think so
148 - Do you hate yourself? lol what kind of question is this
149 - Ever smile for no reason? yes
150 - Talk to yourself? yes
151 - Do you have any regrets? no
152 - Believe in magick? umm that's not even how you spell it.
153 - Do you support gay marriage? yes
154 - Sex before marriage? yes
155 - Do you trust people easily? yes
156 - Forgive easily? yes
157 - Do you have a secret no one knows? yes
158 - Do you get along with your parents? yes
159 - What about other people? yes
160 - How do you vent your anger? i write
161 - Do you like George Bush? no
162 - Goal Before you die? live life to the fullest
163 - Biggest Fear sharks
164 - Biggest Weakness food hahahha im a fatassss
165 - Do you play an instrument? kinda
166 - What do you want to be when you grow up? When I grow up I wanna be famous I wanna be a star I wanna be in movies When I grow up I wanna see the world Drive nice cars I wanna have Groupies When I grow up Be on TV People know me Be on magazines When I grow up Fresh and clean Number one chick when I step out on the scene
167 - PERSONALITY TRAITS - Are you...
168 - A bitch? no
169 - A daydreamer? no
170 - Shy? yes
171 - Talkative? yes
172 - Energetic? sometimes
173 - Happy? yes
174 - Depressed? no
175 - Funny? yes
176 - Slutty? no
177 - Boring? no
178 - Mean? no
179 - Nice? yes
180 - Caring? no
181 - Trustworthy? yes
182 - Confident? no
183 - Friendly? yes
184 - Smart? sometimes
185 - Sarcastic? yes
186 - Dependable? sometimes
187 - Quiet? no
188 - Weird? yes
189 - Adaptable? whaa
190 - Strong (emotionally)? no
191 - Strong (physically)? no
192 - Mature? no
193 - Logical? no
194 - Religious? no
195 - Modest? yes
196 - Indecisive? omgyeah
197 - Sympathetic? no
198 - Polite? yes
199 - Creative? yes
200 - Fun to be around? yes
201 - Lovable? yes
202 - Easily Amused? yes
203 - Outgoing? no
204 - Daring? no
205 - Clumsy? yes
206 - Nosy? yes
207 - Lazy? yes
208 - Scary? no
209 - Optimistic? yes
210 - Persuasive? no
211 - A good listener? yes
212 - Curious? yes
213 - Determined? no
214 - Artistic? yes
215 - Honest? yes
216 - Respectful? no
217 - Conceited? no
218 - Cocky? no
219 - Controlling? no
220 - Playful? yes
221 - Easygoing? yes
222 - Carefree? no
223 - Hot Headed? no
224 - Serious? no
225 - Thoughtful? no
226 - Considerate? yes
227 - Stubborn? yes
228 - Romantic? yes
229 - Ambitious? no
230 - Jealous? yes
231 - Insecure? yes
232 - Obsessive? no
233 - Attentive? no
234 - Helpful? yes
235 - Punctual? no
236 - Rational? yes
237 - Sincere? no
238 - Tolerant? yes
239 - Goodbye k byeee
240 - Did you enjoy this survey? yes
241 - Was it too long? no
242 - Do you think it contained just about everything? no

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

don't leave

I've been so tired lately, I don't know whats wrong with me.

I picked my courses for university yesterday and for some reason I can only pick 3 classes when I'm supposed to be taking 5 classes in a semester.
So far I've registered for there classes:

Introduction to Media Writing
09:00AM - 11:40AM

Photography & Digital Imaging
09:00AM - 11:40AM

Internet Survey & Research
03:25PM - 06:05PM

School starts on september 2nd and I don't want to go :(
Summer is ending too soon.

Monday, August 18, 2008

as if

i just missed my bus to work.
fuck you bus for coming 5 minutes early. so now i'm sitting here eating frosted flakes, waiting for the next bus to come take me to my wonderful 8 hour shift at mcdonalds.
i think i want an english muffin so i'm going to go make one.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

rough night

Last night was fun until I stopped remembering things that happened. I'm never drinking that much vodka again.
I'm glad I had a good bunch of people with me that took care of me, especially Matt :)
So apparently I was carried to 2 different washrooms to puke and all I remember is the washroom having a red light instead of a normal one, calling Katie and Matt breaking the pokemon charm off my cell phone then lying with me on the bathroom floor.
So I ended up staying over at Matt's house where instead of sleeping me and Matt played ds and talked for about half the night which was great even though we were still drunk :)
This morning I woke up with a big ass scratch on my arm and I had no clue how it got there. So I guess I fell and took Matt with me, at least that's what I was told.

i'm really sick of girls who can't find their own boyfriends and have to go after mine, yet still pretend to be my friend.
ugg i'm so hung over.

Thursday, August 14, 2008


This pretty much sums up my sleeping habits

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


yay i actaully have plans for this weekend :D

thursday- hangouts with cynthia then foundation with chantelle
friday- party with matt :D:D:D
saturday- nothing yett.....
sunday- boat trip with family then julia's birthday dinner with pat

katie if you are reading this i miss you and i want to hang out soon.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I have no interesting thoughts/pictures/ anything to write about lately so I'll just keep writing blogs about my day because I know you all care so much.
So today I went swimming with Matt then went to see pineapple express with him and his friends. It was a lot better the first time so I just played my ds through the entire movie. Then we all went to play pool but I sat out because I am atrocious at pool.

I have the entire day off tomorrow and I wish someone would save me from the boredom that I'm going to have to endure. Sure, video games and the computer will keep me occupied for most of the day but I want someone to hang out withhh.

My post is lacking pictures so here is a picture of a baby in a melon.

Monday, August 11, 2008

a word of advice

don't ever eat 2 fillet o fishes in one sitting.

ugg i feel sick.
i'm going to go play pokemon on ma ds now :D:D:D


Sunday, August 10, 2008

oh today

Today was great.
I watched pineapple express, went to walmart and petsmart, played pokemon snap, laughed hard, sat on the dock and watched the stars.
I really like you:)

Saturday, August 9, 2008

So I'm probably going to listen to this song until my ears fall off.

me complaining

So I'm writting a blog to complain about how shitty my day was. YAY!

I woke up at 5 am so I could walk all the way to Mcdonalds from my house because the buses don't start running until 7:15 am and my shift started at 7. I got 3 hours of sleep and I was dead tired by the time I got to work.

When I arrived at work I tried to get the managers to let me leave my shift an hour early so I could be at my shift at american eagle by 12. They didn't like this idea very much, especially because we were super busy. They said they'd give me an answer on whether or not I could leave later on. So in the mean time I burned my arm with hot oil while I was trying to make hash browns, dealt with stupid ass customers who insisted a big breakfast is the same as hotcakes because they come in the same box and some guy had a heart failure in the lobby. How ironic, he must have been eating too much mcdicks. Anyways they finally let me off work 30 minutes before my shift at american eagle and my mom was going to be 30 minutes late picking me up from McDonalds. So I called american eagle informing them I was going to be late and they were fine with it. I got dressed for my shift and then american eagle calls me back telling me that since I was going to be late for work not to bother coming in at all. I was really angry because I just spent half my morning pissing off the managers so I could leave early. SO whatever, I wasn't going to go back upstairs and start working again so I left.

I just work up from a 7 hour nap which was amazing and I just thought I'd write a big ass blog about my shitty ass day.

The burn on my arm really hurts, I hate hashbrowns :(


Friday, August 8, 2008

Sooner than later

So I'm pretty exited to walk all the way to work tomorrow at 5 in the morning.
Fuck my life.

I don't really have much to write about now a days. Life is treating me pretty good lately and I start university soon. I don't really want to go to university any more because I don't want to leave people/things behind in Barrie but I guess I'll have to do it some day.
Better sooner than later right?
ANNDDD I'll only be leaving for about half of the week for my classes then the rest of the week I'll be spending in Barrie. I hope everything works out for the best when the new school year starts.

I don't want summer to end.

Thursday, August 7, 2008


Remember how I said I wanted a boy who calls me babe and lets me borrow his video games?
Well I found him but he calls me sweetie instead :)

totally looks like

LOL these made my day


I'm off to work, byeeeeee

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Wonderland today was so much fun :)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


So I have this new obsession with buying necklaces. I own about 10 necklaces but I still have the need to buy more.
Ahhh! And it doesn't help that there are about 100000 cute necklaces on line.

I'm thinking about setting up a pay pal account so I can buy these.

I'm really leaning toward buying the bunny one.

I'm going to wonderland with people from work tomorrow then later to the foundation with Chantelle.
I'm exited :)

Monday, August 4, 2008

Ohh big secret?

just in case you were wondering I finally told your secret.

I hope you didn't have a good rep to keep or anything...


Saturday, August 2, 2008

the end

I burned the picture of you and me tonight, the one I had framed in my room for 2 years.
I never thought burning something could feel so good.

I lied in my last post when I said nothing could cheer me up.

single and dealing with it

I'm in a really bad mood tonight and I don't think anything can cheer me up.
I've been feeling like this a lot lately because I've been thinking about things I probably shouldn't be thinking about, things that upset me. Right now my life feels incomplete and I'm going to admit that it is probably because I'm single. After being in a relationship for 2 years it is kind of hard to be single and not have a guy around me, calling me all the time but I guess I'll just have to deal like all the other single people out there.

It still kind of sucks that I haven't really got to experience a lot of the perks of being single lately because all I do is work.

Randommm blog

So apparently we are getting married and apparently I love you.
HAHAHA whatever. I really don't know if you are the person I thought you were.

Long weekends only exist to make my life a living hell, especially when I work at Mcdonalds.
I only have a 4 hour shift tomorrow thank god.
I hate the fact that everyone talks shit about everyone at work. Someone even talked shit about me today which is kinda weird because I'm nothing but nice to people.
I'm contemplating confronting the girl that was talking about me but that is so unlike me so I don't know if I will.

So I've finally figured out the type of boys I like, the skinny, weird ones with shitty personalities.
Yay go me.